Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My veins suck

Today at the obstetrician, I had a glucose tolerance test to screen for gestational diabetes. I don't know what my results are yet, but I do know that my veins hate me. I had to have blood drawn within one hour after drinking the sugary drink they gave me, but the phlebotomist couldn't get any blood out of me. Finally, she took it out of the back of my hand. Now my hand hurts and I'm afraid to take off the bandage because she thought my vein was collapsing and I don't want to see a gory bruise on my hand. I thought I was going to faint after the second time I got stuck with the needle. I felt all the blood drain out of my head and thought I was about to start seeing spots. I asked for a glass of water and that helped a lot.

Then I went back to work and realized that part of the reason I felt so shaky was because of the sheer quantity of sugar I had to drink for the glucose test. I was cracked out like Cornholio for a few hours at work, which I knew would be followed by a crash.

Also, I took Max to the vet in the morning for his vaccinations because I am going to have to board him a few times in November. It turns out he's an old dog now. One of his back legs is significantly smaller than the other, which indicates nerve damage or a spine problem the vet said. Also it is likely because he failed a reflex test the vet did with his back toes.

Now I'm drinking tea next to Nathan on the couch, while he watches a sporting event. I think I'm going to slowly drift off to sleep.

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Steph said...

Ah yes, the orange/fruit drink of death. Before I give blood or anything I drink a ton of water the day before and do some cardio or a quick something or other to get the heart up a bit before going in. Help to really open them up.

Just think, some people consume that much sugar on a normal day.....